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Our mission is to provide innovative, effortless wellness technologies that support optimal health and wellbeing and offset the daily lifestyle demands on your mind and body.
The AirPod is a safe non-medical wellness device that increases oxygen concentration by up to 35% delivered under three pressure settings of 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 ATA.
Under increased pressure, oxygen is dissolved into the blood plasma leading to higher amounts of oxygen being delivered to the body’s tissues and leaving the user feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
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Girl enjoying session in AirPod Capsule.
Enjoy a relaxing experience in the AirPod capsule.
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Tailor your experience with chromotherapy lighting.
Operator communicating via external control box with person in AirPod capsule during therapy session.
Meditate, sleep, relax, connect or disconnect.

What are the benefits that you may experience in the airpod?

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AirPod mHBOT supports a healthy lifestyle effortlessly.
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Support general wellbeing

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Increase energy & stamina

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Improve alertness & mental acuity

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Improve concentration and memory

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Improve sleep quality

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Enhance learning capacity

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Promote relaxation and stress management

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Enhance sexual performance

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May help to reduce the risk of lifestyle related chronic conditions

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May help people living with certain chronic conditions

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Assist in recovery from jetlag, fatigue and burnout

"We have been using the AirPods for more than 5 years and had success. We have logged up over 4,000 hours of treatment since 2014 in our integrative practice and continue to see results. We look forward to continuing to work with you to achieve outstanding health goals."
Julia Tyack, Tyack Health, Qld

Why use OXYGEN THERAPY for sports recovery?

The AirPod is an excellent aid in sports preparation and recuperation. It may help speed up recovery from sports injuries, provide faster recuperation from workouts, increase energy and mental clarity as well as general health, leading to improved performance.

The AirPod acts in two ways… the increased pressure inside the capsule decreases swelling at the same time increasing the blood flow to restricted areas.
The higher concentration of oxygen in the bloodstream allows the rate of healing and repair to occur much faster.

Although fairly newly recognised in Australia, oxygen therapy has become a widely popular performance enhancing strategy among professional athletes overseas and amongst professional Australian athletes, particularly in the AFL, rugby and cricket teams.
Oxygen therapy is popular for sports preparation, recovery and overall wellness. It may assist with some neurological conditions and cognitive improvement. It is safe and side effects are very rare.
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