We are passionate about offering innovative and restorative experiences, backed by scientific evidence, and proven to deliver general health and wellbeing benefits.


Optimise your quality of life and offset the daily lifestyle pressures and demands on your mind and body.

Experience Effortless Wellness

We are bringing the age of effortless wellness to life, enabling everyone to achieve their personal wellness goals and unlock their individual potential.
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Wellness Mindset

We live in a world today where a wellness mindset is starting to permeate the global consumer consciousness and affect people’s daily decision-making.  
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Stress + Mental Wellness

There is an increasing focus on mental wellness and stress reduction, a higher awareness of the factors that impact our bodies ability to function optimally and fight off disease and the overall desire to live long and live well.  
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My Body, My Responsibility

We are more accepting of the notion ‘my body, my responsibility’ and seeking solutions to better manage our own health in both a preventative and treatment capacity.
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The Essential Lifestyle

What is clearly evident is that ‘wellness’ is becoming an essential and dominant lifestyle value for many.

The AirPod Series

AirPod Oxygen installed at Remedy Place, Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood
AirPods at Remedy Place
AirPod Revive Hydroxy installed at Wellness Hub, South Melbourne
AirPod Revive Hydroxy at Sunlighten WELLNess Hub
AirPod Oxygen installed in Vietnam
AirPod at RESET Sofitel Hotel


Deanne Marchant
"I have been having weekly sessions in the AirPod mHBOT since June after minor knee surgery and major jaw surgery. With 8 titanium plates, 32 screws and 80 stitches in my mouth - and a whole lot of swelling and bruising - I looked and felt a mess.  I can quite honestly say that after just one session in the AirPod mHBOT (day 5 post surgery), my facial swelling had reduced by at least half. I saw my surgeon weekly for the first month and followed every appointment with AirPod mHBOT. In his words, he could not believe how quickly I was healing. He was super impressed and said it was the best thing I could have done. For the first 2 nights after the initial AirPod sessions I slept very well, which was wonderful as I had to sleep upright - I didn’t even wake for pain relief or ice packs.  With still many months of recovery ahead of me, I am so grateful for this amazing therapy for all of us to use."
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Julia Tyack, Tyack Health, Qld
Integrative Medical Practitioner
"We have been using the AirPods for more than 5 years and had success. We have logged up over 4,000 hours of treatment since 2014 in our integrative practice and continue to see results. We look forward to continuing to work with you to achieve outstanding health goals."
John, Vic
"Having an AirPod session prior to an international flight is something I consider essential to maintain my optimum performance. I recommend the AirPod to my colleagues so that they can experience the benefits and ensure their days off are not just recovery days but times they can really enjoy."
"I am loving my AirPod, I am using it about 4 - 5 times a week and the increased frequency of use is definitely helping me. I am able to do so much more. The convenience of being able to jump in whenever is also great. Thank you very much, I believe it was a very wise investment."
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AirPods at Remedy Place, Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood.