WHY AirPod?

The AirPod has revolutionised the mHBOT sector providing an elevated user experience, a unique design that can be tailored to individual client’s interior design palette and unparalleled technology, safety, quality, sustainability and performance.
Our team is passionate about delivering a unique wellness technology that can be integrated into your daily life and deliver genuine wellness benefits effortlessly.  The AirPod is a symbol of the new era of ‘effortless wellness’ enabling more people than ever to be at their best and thrive.
The AirPod is the brand of choice for residential and commercial applications, integrating seamlessly into locations through a range of architectural exterior finishes.  Our leading-edge AirPod design makes a statement in any location, evokes a luxe, aspirational mood and invites people to experience the relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
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Product Design

  1. Aspirational aesthetic design in keeping with luxe wellness technology
  2. Bespoke exterior finish – over 400 architectural finishes to select from
  3. Hard shell pod vs soft shell inflatable chamber
  4. Generous space and comfort
  5. Dual two-way communication
  6. Designed for lay back relaxation or upright productivity
  7. Ease of entry

Superior User Experience

  1. Immersive and nurturing experience
  2. Integrated chromotherapy adjusts body vibrations for health and harmony  
  3. Choose between digital detox or digital connectivity
  4. Suitable for smart phone, iPad , tablet or portable computer
  5. Large transparent door provides a non-claustrophobic experience
  6. No face mask required
  7. Dual user interface for residential or commercial application

Quality Medical Grade Materials and Componentry

  1. Medical grade aluminium
  2. High strength polycarbonate sliding door
  3. Stainless steel structural support bands
  4. Superior durability and longevity
  5. Operating life expectancy far exceeds an inflatable chamber

Technology and Performance

  1. Increased Psi pressure 19Psi vs 4Psi
  2. Smart wiring system requires only one standard power point
  3. Quiet operation for in-home or commercial use @ >4 decibels
  4. Efficient power consumption and low-cost operation
  5. Minimal maintenance at 1,000 operating hour intervals
  6. HEPA filtration maintains a clean air environment
  7. Nil volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) ensures safe air quality

Safety Features including:

  1. Micro switches provide in-built safety controls
  2. Emergency button for quick pressure release
  3. Ear vent stabilisation
  4. Manual pressure release mechanism
  5. Attention alert for operator assistance

Hand Craftsmanship and Quality Assurance

  1. Hand crafted in Japan to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standards
  2. Manufacturers three (3) year product warranty for home or business use
  3. Locally sourced Japanese componentry
  4. CE Certified

Exceptional Service and Support to all parts of the Globe

  1. Fully integrated service and support
  2. Pre-sales, After-sales, Training and Technical support
  3. Extensive support collateral provided for residential or commercial use
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Why use OXYGEN THERAPY for sports recovery?

The AirPod is an excellent aid in sports preparation and recuperation. It may help speed up recovery from sports injuries, provide faster recuperation from workouts, increase energy and mental clarity as well as general health, leading to improved performance.

The AirPod acts in two ways… the increased pressure inside the capsule decreases swelling at the same time increasing the blood flow to restricted areas.
The higher concentration of oxygen in the bloodstream allows the rate of healing and repair to occur much faster.

Although fairly newly recognised in Australia, oxygen therapy has become a widely popular performance enhancing strategy among professional athletes overseas and amongst professional Australian athletes, particularly in the AFL, rugby and cricket teams.
Oxygen therapy is popular for sports preparation, recovery and overall wellness. It may assist with some neurological conditions and cognitive improvement. It is safe and side effects are very rare.
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