Beat Brain Fog with these 5 Tips

Having one of those days where you’re just struggling to get through the day at a productive pace? Feeling tired and spaced out? You may just have a case of brain fog!

Brain fog can often be frustrating, as it impacts on your productivity and output by affecting your memory, attention span, concentration and focus.It’s brought on by a number of factors that are either usually controllable(such as exercise levels) Either way, you may find these 5 tips for beating brain fog helpful –after all, sometimes all it takes is a bit of self care and kindness to your body to sweep away those mental clouds.


1. Get a good night’s sleep –and limit your tech use before bed

woman sleeping in bed

The key to a clearer mind and better attention is quality of sleep; an adult needs about 7-9 hours of unbroken sleep each night.

A good night’s sleep may be affected by a number of factors outside your control (such as parenting commitments or a medical condition such as sleep apnoea or anxiety). Sleep can also be affected by too much screen time, so try to minimise the amount of technological use before bedtime. Keep your smartphone, tablet or other personal tech device in a place that you can’t easily reach – especially if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night (we suspect you may not want to leave your bed once you’re comfortable, either!)

Other techniques for better sleep that you can employ before bedtime include reading a good old fashioned book, inhaling essential oils, or simply changing up your pillows and quilt (interestingly enough, the weight of your quilt has been shown to play a part in quality of sleep.

If sleep is not possible, find time to take a power nap for around 10-30minutes. You might find that even dedicating a portion of the day for a short period of shut-eye time can help you regain your mental clarity, focus and energy.


2. Breathe and become present

Woman silhouette in front of ocean

It’s difficult to think when we’re stressed. With so many things going on from all angles, it can be hard to compartmentalise tasks that need to be completed.

Practicing mindfulness helps with mental clarity, attention and concentration by enabling you to have control over your body’s responses to external stimuli. By taking slow breaths and allowing them to come naturally, relaxing your body and observing your thoughts as they come and go, you are focussing on the present and entering a productive and clearer headspace.

3. Get active and go outside

woman walking on beach

Going for a walk outside is a great way to clear your mind and recharge. Moving your body after sitting for long periods of time allows more oxygen to circulate your body and brain – and improves blood flow, immediately oxygenating the brain.

Going outside also exposes you to some fresh air, sunshine and some sweet Vitamin D! Vitamin D is important for maintaining optimal brain functionby fighting fatigue and preventing cognitive impairment.


4. Clear the clutter

clean white desk with computer

While it’s true that some people become more productive when they work within a cluttered space, for many clutter just creates more stress!

Your physical space is often a reflection of how you think. If your desk is topped with old coffee mugs (bonus points for week-old coffee stains!),paperwork and post-its then clearing your space might help you think clearer and can also help facilitate your ability to organise your thoughts.

But physical clutter isn’t the only thing that can contribute to mental blockages – digital spaces can often become hectic and disorganised, too. If your desktop looks like the top of a rubbish pile, sorting out your computer files, moving or deleting files you no longer need, reorganising your smartphone apps or even clearing searches and decluttering your social media accounts can be enormously cathartic.

5. Get more oxygen into you!

woman in airpod

If your work mostly requires sitting down - meaning the time you get to spend outside for physical exercise only comprises a small part of your day –then it’s worth looking into other ways to boost your oxygen levels (one can never have too much!). Oxygen therapy is a great way to achieve mental clarity and fight fatigue, especially if outdoor physical activity is restricted by weather in the cooler months.

Oxygen therapy is typically delivered via a hyperbaric chamber and requires minimal physical effort on your part! So go on – look around your local area for your nearest health and wellness centre - ODOS and the Sunlighten Wellness Rooms are great places to start if you’re in Melbourne.

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