The AirPod Difference

The AirPod has been integrated into numerous residential and commercial settings across Australia & New Zealand.

Photo of airpod in use
photo of airpod ready to use
Photo of girl in airpod during session
The AirPod is designed for self-operation or by an exterior operator, providing dual communication between the operator and user. Individuals enjoy a relaxed, non-claustrophobic experience.
  • Oxygen therapy is exceptionally safe, particularly when applied at lower pressures and following operating guidelines.
    Note, oxygen toxicity and adverse reactions are rare to oxygen therapy and pertain more towards clinical applications in hospital settings, where patients are delivered a much higher dosage due to acute and life-threatening conditions.
    When applied at 1.35 atm there have been impeccable safety records shown.
  • Due to its design the AirPod offers a comfortable and non-claustrophobic experience.
    Choose your positioning - vertical or horizontal.
    Fall into a deep sleep, read, listen to music or browse smartphone or tablet devices.
    Operates at a comfortable room temperature.
    Choose your mood with Chromotherapy lighting.
  • Dedicated facilities offering AirPod treatments are frequented by professional athletes, executives and everyday people for a number of outcomes:
    Reduces oedema (swelling)
    Reduces fatigue
    Addresses stress symptoms
    Accelerates repair of soft tissue injuries
    Accelerates metabolism
    Skin rejuvenation
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