AirPod Features

Studies have shown a 50 percent increase, or more, in plasma oxygenation after one hour of treatment in a 1.35 atm environment, with filtered room air.
By omitting deep depths of pressure and the use of high oxygen concentrations, the AirPod is an extremely safe way to cause a significant enhancement of oxygen in the body.
Photo of airpod capsule in vertical position
Photo of airpod capsule in horizontal position

How does the capsule work?

Two factors are required to increase the available oxygen in the circulatory system:
2. Increased atmospheric pressure
As with any instance of dissolving gas into liquid, pressure is used to dissolve more oxygen into the blood. The increased pressure then forces the oxygen deeper into oxygen-starved cells and tissues.


The typical application, that has demonstrated clinical efficacy and safety, is 60 minute sessions, once a day, 5 days per week. Recent clinical trials parallel the protocol of 40 hours of therapy within a 30 day period.


Photo of white airpod capsule with control unit
  • 3 levels:  1.2,  1.3 and 1.35 atmospheres maximum pressure
    3 speeds:  slow, medium and fast
    Ear vent to assist user to clear their ears
    5mm aluminium construction, with large viewing window
    Dual controls (user and operator interfaces)
    Communication system between user and operator
    Vertical or horizontal positions
    Standard 10A power point
    Installation and operating manual
    3 year product warranty
    Marketing support for commercial operators
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