Our mission is to provide innovative wellness therapies that support optimal health and wellbeing and may reduce the risk or impact of chronic diseases.
The AirPod Oxygen therapy is a safe, non-medical wellness device that delivers a 35% increase in oxygen delivered under three pressure settings of 1.1, 1.2 and 1.35 ATA.
Under increased pressure, oxygen is dissolved into the blood plasma leading to higher amounts of oxygen being delivered to the body’s tissues, organs and brain to aid repair, regeneration and relaxation.
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What are the benefits of AirPod OXYGEN THERAPY?

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AirPod OXYGEN THERAPY supports the body’s own healing process, enhancing the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria, reduce swelling and allows new blood vessels to grow more rapidly into the affected areas.
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Boost oxygen rich cells

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Improve energy & stamina

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Improve alertness & mental acuity

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Improve skin condition

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Improve sleep quality

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Improve circulation

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Accelerate wound healing

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Accelerate sports injury recovery

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Boost the immune system

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Decrease inflammation & swelling

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Reduce chronic pain

Which chronic conditions may benefit from regular use?

Thousands of people have had dramatic and, in many instances, life changing improvements in their conditions because of oxygen therapy.
Oxygen therapy may also reduce the risk of chronic disease whilst supporting a healthy lifestyle.
These are some common chronic and/or debilitating conditions that may be successfully treated, or potentially prevented, with oxygen therapy sessions:
Multiple Sclerosis
Diabetic & Ischemic wounds
Gut Issues
Sleep problems
Chronic Fatigue
Lyme Disease
Traumatic Brain Injury
Currently there are over 80 conditions successfully treated with this therapy world-wide. Functional and cognitive abilities can respond positively to treatment.
Saturating the body with oxygen may boost the immune system, increase brain and neural function, and help cells and tissues heal and perform effectively.  
Because oxygen deficiency is often overlooked it is not seen as being a cause of chronic illness.
Some symptoms that may result from oxygen depletion include: premature ageing, depression, fatigue, dullness and a general feeling of sluggishness.
If the imbalance is chronic, the immune system is weakened, and we are more susceptible to long term chronic illnesses.

Why use OXYGEN THERAPY for sports recovery?

The AirPod is an excellent aid in sports preparation and recuperation. It may help speed up recovery from sports injuries, provide faster recuperation from workouts, increase energy and mental clarity as well as general health, leading to improved performance.

The AirPod acts in two ways… the increased pressure inside the capsule decreases swelling at the same time increasing the blood flow to restricted areas.
The higher concentration of oxygen in the bloodstream allows the rate of healing and repair to occur much faster.

Although fairly newly recognised in Australia, oxygen therapy has become a widely popular performance enhancing strategy among professional athletes overseas and amongst professional Australian athletes, particularly in the AFL, rugby and cricket teams.
Oxygen therapy is popular for sports preparation, recovery and overall wellness. It may assist with some neurological conditions and cognitive improvement. It is safe and side effects are very rare.
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